131: happy new new year

happy new year
happy new haircut (photos later)
happy new night
happy new shirt (photos later!)
happy new plans
happy new ideas
happy old me :), happy old friends, happy old family.

Two thousand and ten..

Has been a magical year.
I've laughed, cried, screamed, danced, graduated, met new people, fallen, learned, sang, accepted to art school, sang everything you can imagine.
But most of all.. I have grown.
In my own style, but also as a person.
I went through my archive and instead of making a selection I featured all the outfits of every month this year.
The bad and good ones.
During the one and a half year blogging, I posted almost 230 outfits (including details), went to Amsterdam and Lisboa Fashion Week, got to write columns but most importantly express myself.
But if it wasn't for you, supporting me, visiting my blog, none of this would have happened.
So thank you for that and I hope you will come with me to a new year of blogging/journeys.
May all your wishes come true..
Happy new year!!

Recaps of march..

Photos by Jasper van Es.

Another month has come by and that can only mean one thing..
Well two things to be exact.
One that spring is coming closer which is good since it's one of my favorite seasons and two that it's time for a monthly recap of my outfits.
March has been a month with rising and decreasing temperatures, some traveling here and there but mostly the return of striking colors.
Everyone knows that I love colors and it describes me as the person I am but in the winter I tend to fall back to neutrals and others.
Somehow winter has a depressing influence on me no matter how hard I fight against it.
O well that is over now and it is time to blow every single color out of proportion!

* Maeg-it Yourself Long Tassel Earrings *

DIY tassel earrings

I MIY'd a pair chain tassel earrings back in August 2009 and have worn them enough to see a bit of tarnishing on the gold hooks and chain ...which doesn't bother me really. But since they're a bit shorter and well, dripping with chains, they have a particular style. And like many things, there are various different styles of tassel earrings.

I picked up a few of these rope tassel tiebacks in different colors a while back on a trip to JoAnn's and thought I'd ultimately use them as necklaces. One morning, however, I needed a pair of cognac colored earrings, saw the rope tassel hanging from my mirror, grabbed it and a pair of stud earrings and left for work. Once at work, I snipped and tied them up into a cute pair of tassel earrings that tied my entire outfit together. It took about 5 minutes!

Since there are a handful of different tassel earring DIYs out there, {including the ever adorable Geneva from APairandASpare's neon duo and uber-cool OutsaPop's super long fringe pair I decided not to post my original DIY earrings. But because I got so many requests for it and since mine is a bit different, here it is. {it looks like a lot of steps but really, it's a 10 minute DIY}


* Home Inspirations rope tassel tieback {found at JoAnn's} ...I like these in particular because they look expensive but are between $4.99 and $7.99 {I can't find them online}
* A pair of stud earrings
* Scissors
* Any kind of glue


* Choose stud earrings with long stems.


* Cut tassels from rope, leaving about 2-1/2" on each. {save the rope for a future project :}


* Unravel rope.


* Find three strings on each side closest to the edge and to each other and separate them from the rest.


* Holding back the 6 strings you've separated, carefully cut the others out and toss away.


* Create a loose knot with remaining strings.


* Slip studs through knot and tighten.


* Replace earring backs to hold your first knot in place.


* Bring string around the stem and knot again on opposite side of first knot.


* Bring rope around again to the opposite side {the first side} and tie another knot ...then tie one knot on top of that one and tighten all the way, leaving no visible length/strings between studs and top of tassel.


* Final knot


* Dab a bit of any kind of glue over the knots just to ensure they stay tied ...& let dry.


* Once glue is dry, snip remaining ends, leaving about 1/8 of an inch {unless your studs are small, then make sure no thread is visible from the front}


tassel earrings with diamond studs with sea shells

navy blue tassel earrings with diamonds

diy long tassel earrings with diamond studs on coral

* Don't they kinda look like ladies in dresses? I love it!

And here are the originals . . . with much smaller studs, giving them an entirely different look than the glamourous feel the navy/diamond ones have above. I think what's most fun about this DIY is you can swap out any studs you like!

diy tassel earrings


Have Fun!


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