Refashion Old Bikini Bottoms DIY

adding ties to bikini bottoms

I love my old tie bottoms {see below} ...have had & worn them every summer since 2003 and it's time to retire them. I bought a new pair sans ties at Victoria's Secret {on sale for $11 now!} ....which reminded me of a bikini I had in the 80's. The front and back are moveable.

As a rule, I buy bikini bottoms a size smaller because less material on the behind actually is more flattering {makes MY butt look smaller anyway}. However, that's in string bikinis that I can resize by tying them differently ... and considering this one is not a string and I bought a small instead of a medium, the sides "squeeze" me a bit more than I'd like them to. My solution: add ties = now it's adjustable!

I wanted it to be a bit unique so I did it to one side only. I love the turnout. Though I would have liked one solid & larger tie than two per each side = 4. But it was EA-Sy! If you don't have an old bathing suit you want to cut up for the material, you can easily grab a yard of bathing suit fabric at your local fabric store {which would make a BIG bow or tie on the side that will make a bigger statement}. You could also just remove the entire thing and add a new piece of different color or printed fabric and you have a whole new pair of bottoms!

bikini bottoms DIY+refashion old swimsuit

bikini bottoms DIY+refashion old swimsuit-2

bikini bottoms DIY+refashion old swimsuit-3

bikini bottoms DIY+refashion old swimsuit-4

bikini bottoms DIY+refashion old swimsuit-5

bikini bottoms DIY+refashion old swimsuit-6

bikini bottoms DIY+refashion old swimsuit-7

bikini bottoms DIY+refashion old swimsuit-12  bikini bottoms DIY+refashion old swimsuit-11

* Click here for - how to add ruffles to your bikini top DIY and you have a full refashioned, recycled & totally one-of-a-kind bikini for summer. Have Fun!

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