Back in the time..

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Photos by me except number three by Sam.

My week as a twenty year old has started after a hilarious night at my place with homemade sushi and wine and the next day beach hopping with the best oldskool bus and vibe.
I have always loved doing the opposite so instead of looking ahead we are going back in time.
1. The Diesel express bus who took us to the beach while blasting oldskool music and handing out ice cold drinks. I seriously fell in love with the bus I love anything retro.
2. Yours truly as the very first blogger to kick of a new category in the Cosmogirl.
3. My kimono has been with me a lot the few weeks. It reminds me of a Dries van Noten and it's so versatile.
4. A day on the beach with an oldskool vibe ask for oldskool shorts. I love high waisted half ripped jeans shorts. They remind me of the '60 and for me they embrace femininity.
5. My delicate new necklace which I got for my birthday from my sweetheart Jasper. He always finds me the best thing (obviously he has good taste) and this necklace is something different from what I normally wear when it comes to jewelry but that is why I like it so much.
Very minimalistic and it reminds me of Martin Margiela.
6. It has been ages since I have been on the beach in the Netherlands and yesterday was so pretty that we stayed until the sun came down.

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