Ups and downs..

Caught in an emergency change of shoes
Wearing; Oversized blouse H&M, Cargo pants Zara, Lace up shoes Blanco, Boots Zara.

Those who know me, know that the weather can seriously effect my mood sometimes..
I am just such a bubbly person and wind, rain or cold simply doesn't suits that.
In moments like that, especially when it looks like fall in August, I get pretty uninspired.
Though, that doesn't mean that the smallest things can make me smile..
My family is here to visit and it's my duty to show them how beautiful the Netherlands actually is (despite the horrible weather!)
Today we took the Splash tour, which is a tour bus that can drive and sail at the same time!
Seeing the smiles on the faces of my niece and nephew fills me with joy.
When I am uninspired, I like to explore the neighbordhood, reading old fashion magazines and just relax.
Because if there is anything you should avoid, it's losing yourself in any moment.
The up or down..

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