101: my [old] work part 1

since my 100th post was such a bust, this is a make up one and something I've been meaning to post. since i don't have my website up, i'll be posting some of my university work. this dress was made during my junior year (2004) at UC Davis in my Experimental Fashion Design Course. our assignment was to create a 'red carpet' look that utilized one material other then fabric. i found some film reel hidden in a drawer in the design building and used that along with my base fabric- navy indian cotton. although i love/ed the outcome, this was one of the most difficult fabric to work with, it was like linen with sheen which i had to iron every 5 minutes.
the photoshoot took place in downtown sf, on top of a skyscraper, where we luckily found these large water tanks that worked super well as the backdrop for the dress, showing off the layers on the back.

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