279: S/S from Sweden

The H&M 2010 S/S photos have been released and I'm not as excited as I have been with precious collections. There are a few key pieces that really grabbed my attention & on top of the list are the leather overalls. I've been meaning to make myself a version ever since I saw them on the Proenza Schouler Spring 09 runway

The H&M version looks alright, but I like the leg of the PS ones much better, the H&M ones make the models legs look very bulky. I'm always surprised by the size of these H&M pieces, they tend to be made for the leggy Swede and not the short Indian that I am. I bet I'd swim in these leather overalls- more fly fishing less glamor I'd say.

The other look that I loved was the head to toe floral overload. I usually don't go this route and probably won't but I love the bag, what little of it I can see. It's very much what I've been doing with my bags lately, right down to the thick fisherman rope that I used in my exclusive for Geronimo bag.

Lastly, this jacket is probably the one item I will actually pick up when it hits the shop floor. I have a feeling I'll still be in love with capes by then. I noticed a lot of the Spring looks felt like they could be worn during the fall- I'm not sure about anyone else but I don't even want to THINK about wearing those leather overalls in the California summer heat...perhaps the designers had Swedish summers in mind?

photos from style.com & les mads

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