280: lunch date with SHOWstudio and Gareth Pugh

Today I received a press release detailing an amazing collaboration with Gareth Pugh and SHow Studio in a series of events in the development of SHOWstudio SHOP. Gareth Pugh has set up a temporary work place in the studio space and is designing a one of a kind garment and the whole process is of course being shown live here. ´

a screenshot of the live feed less then an hour ago

an image of the temporary work space

his work in progress and Gareth Pugh answering viewer questions

This is such a great opportunity for viewers to get an inside look at his design process which seems to borderline on obsession- lots of plastic film and tape of various kinds is being used. A lot of the work is being done on the floor, something I am too familiar wit; i wonder if it gives him and his assistant back pains as much as it does me. It's nice to be able to follow every step, hear his thoughts out loud, it reminds me of my work process- its very much on the go, things happen in an illogical way although I think he's got his design flow down pretty well.

I also loved hearing the music mix in the background, so far I've heard, Tina Turner (what's love got to do with it) and Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) from Romeo & Juliet.

I watched during my lunch break and now I can't stop!

all images from showstudio

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