89: shopping- black market

my co-worker Lotta and I have been making a lot of lunchtime trips to (now) one of my favorite shops in Stockholm: Black Market. it's one of the few places here that carries Comme des Garcons perfumes and also features great pieces by some of my favorite designers including Henrik Vibskov, Opening Ceremony, Eley Kishimoto, our legacy, Peter Jensen, Rickard Lindqvist, Mini Market, and Folk among others. there is no signage outside the store, just the opening hours. you go through an uninteresting glass door and enter a large painted black and white cave like room (which acts as an art space from time to time). down a few steps and to the lower left you'll begin to see some colorful prints a la Henrik Vibskov. The interior is very minimal, with not even a dress form in sight. they have a larger men's section then womens but I do like running my hands through all the wonderful chunky prints that HV carry for fall/winter08. I've actually been eying a certain cardigan both for myself and Johan's wallet, i mean body...to the point: here are my latest purchases from the last two days, two visits
purchase number 1: Rhubarb by Comme des Garcons Series 5: Sherbet. Ever since I stayed with beautiful Amanda in NYC, i've been longing to get this. She had it and rarely even used it while i was there but the deliciously musky scent has haunted me ever since. i wore it for the first time this morning and on my walk from the subway to work, i could smell trails of myself and it gave me tingles!

purchase number 2: bernhard willhelm for uslu airlines nail polish in grey- san bernadino. this takes my white polish to a whole new level.

not really a purchase but this is the bag and one of my favorite parts of the Black Market shopping experience- a hand stamped at checkout brown paper bag. I love the idea of seeing the owner stamp black market on each bag, seeing a piece of branding happen right in front of your eyes. simple but lovely.

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