90: DIY the undergrounders dress-crazy laarge photos

remember this illustration I did a while ago because my camera was in the mail?
well here is the end result of that DIY project:

the dress was made of some plush fabric, that reminds me of a teddy bear (although i was never a teddy bear kind of kid). the black organza in the sleeves comes from a pair of sheer pants i bought at WEEKDAY when they were having their höst rea (fall sale) a while ago. i managed to somehow ruin/tear the pants but then re-used the fabric to make the sleeves of this (now one of my favorite's) dress. it's warm, has everything I'm currently channeling: sheer fabric, plush textured knit, exposed zipper and of course my favorite color black. it's got angular seams on the lower portion to cinch in the hem. here are a few more photos, the last one with my new pair of boots!

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