Brainstorming over coffee..

Photos by me and Jasper.

Today I met up with my friend Jasper to run some errands and talk over coffee..
While having some vanilla latte Jasper and I came up with some great new ideas/categories for zhe blog..
Somehow me and Jasper often think a like, not to mention how much fun it is hanging out with him.
During the day we took some outfit and random shots so where are we looking at?
1. Fashionnerdic without mascara (miracles do happen)
2. Red pistols.. Pow pow!
3. A yummy sandwich with hummus and sundry tomatoes..
4. The mailman woke me up with an unexpected package from Patrizia Pepe..
5. Heart.
6. Warm chocolate milk with whipped cream and a chocolate muffin (Jasper did suffer a bit from an chocolate overdose)
7. What was inside the Patrizia Pepe package..
8. My dear friend Jasper.

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