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What I'm Wearing
* Vintage burnt peach blouse which is so soft and luxurious, and I love how the trees in the background matched it in the photos ...from my recent thrifting spree at the Salvation Army
* Shipley & Halmos black fleece mini dress with pockets ...such a comfy dress, it's like a big fitted sweatshirt. Seen here last Spring
* Forever 21 black leggings
* Steve Madden studded wood wedges. Kinda love these though one foot fits in perfectly and the other sort of, doesn't, lol
* Rachel Roy drop earrings, D&G watch, Jami Rodriguez necklace ...I added it to a chain to lengthen it. Seen here.
* Tom Ford cat eye sunglasses
* DVF brushed suede bag from HauteLook

Title: lyrics from Duran Duran "Rio" {this video is straight comedy}

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day yesterday filled with love from your luuuuuvers, whomever your luuuuuuvers may be ;) I gotta say, I'm more of a "do something nice on any regular old day than get me a stereotypical heart shaped box of chocolates and a dozen red roses on Valentine's Day" kinda girl. Though the husband thinks it's hilarious to get me exactly what I think is ridiculous just for a laugh, then proceeded to open my heart shaped box and eat all the chocolates out of it claiming that I didn't want them. But I had fun Tweeting every single cheesy love song that played on the radio yesterday to the husband ...which I thought it was hilarious. Also, it should be known that the radio station I listen to while I'm working at home is iTunes/80's Flashback/Boston's 80's Channel ...because it's perfection really ;) What am I saying, I totally listen to it while I'm at the gallery too.

Did you all make sure to comment on my V-day DIY/Giveaway post yesterday? Do so if you want my heart ;)










* bye bye friendly neighborhood cat *

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