Dolce & Gabbana D&G Ostrich Feather Skirts DIY


Oh the D&G Winter 2012 runway show was so bright and cheery and FUN!
I loved their adorable AND UBER FLUFFY ostrich feather skirts in every color of the rainbow ...and of course I couldn't help but see them as potential DIYs!

Just like my feather skirt DIY, if you have nice thick boas and carefully stitch them close together, hiding any material below, you can achieve this look the same DIY tutorial. You can even DIY it to a dress just as simply!

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Obviously, make adjustments as to recreate the D&G version by stitching your feathers closer to the top of your skirt {or wearing a t-shirt over the waist band as I have above}. You want the feathers to begin at your hips, take that into consideration if your skirt is high-waisted. If you'd rather not zig-zag your feathers {though it still may be the best and easiest application giving you the fluffiest results & using your boas is the most efficient way}, you can stitch them around the body of your skirt or dress but I suggest wearing it or using a dress form and pinning it on or stitching it on while the material is at its capacity. You'll get a better overall look.

Click Here for my Full DIY

dolce and gabbana feather skirts winter 2012 blue

*Note: the cost of ostrich feather boas are a bit pricier than the others ...but still less than buying ostrich feather trim {and trim isn't as fluffy}. I've found them for anywhere between $15.99 - $34.99 but the really thin {economy 1ply} ones just won't do the trick. The best are the 6 foot long, 2ply for $30 or 4ply for $40 each ...however, even if you need 2 of them, the cost will be considerably lower than the D&G version {if they're even available for sale} ...though it won't have the D&G label - - It will have yours instead ;)

Have Fun!

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