Easy Holiday Tablecloth DIY

DIY holiday tablecloth

While at the bargain yardage shop before Halloween, looking for the perfectly creepy grandma lace for my ghostly haunted mansion tabletop, I found this ultra fall-looking creamy off-white jacquard fabric I thought would make a great Thanksgiving tablecloth. Though the edges are unfinished, the long sides are the selvage of the material and knowing I could leave those raw, I found the perfect rope fringe trim for the two shorter ends.

DIY fancy holiday tablecloth - materials

* Measure your table and buy enough fabric to drape over the edges nicely. Make sure the selvage is on the long sides ...unless you want to fringe the entire thing.
* Purchase enough trim to cover the edges desired {similar trim here}
* Needle/Thread/Scissors - or sewing machine if you'd prefer

DIY fancy holiday tablecloth - 1

* Making sure your edges are straight, pin your trim to the right side of the fabric edge - about 1-1/2" up

DIY fancy holiday tablecloth - 3

* Trim the end

DIY fancy holiday tablecloth - 4

* I hand-stitched it simply ...short stitches on the front, long on the back. You can use a sewing machine if you choose but hand-stitching is pretty quick for me.

DIY fancy holiday tablecloth - 5

* The entire project took about 20 mins.

DIY fall tablecloth+thanksgiving tablecloth+make your own holiday table cloth

I'm going to use it with another cloth layered over it {I think} but I could easily just use it like this. Total cost was about $20 for a 7' table ..."bargain yardage" is the key here. But you could also just as easily use an old blanket or tablecloth that you already have and fancy it up a bit with a little trim on the ends.

Have Fun!


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