Hey pumpkins
Finally finished my legal assignment and off to better things for a few days

Regarding to the outfit post yesterday, yes it is indeed a fake wang and scarf.
I just did an essay on counterfeits and seriously, if you have any queries or problems please ask politely.
Because I know some people are rude and blatant.

Personally, I don't mind having look alike's from big brands because my mum has bought well over a dozen bags from Louis vuitton plus other accessories that could have bought me a sports car so I'm not feeling too harsh on them.
I am only 17 and yes, why not get a job and save for the authentic?
To be honest, $1000 for a bag?
That is a lot and I have better things to spend on in my young life.
I don't mind my parents buying it for me because they have no problem with it and if they say no, im cool with that.

This doesn't mean I will stop buying authentic completely though.
Perhaps in the future if I'm uber rich or if my mum is feeling generous this Christmas.

Love Whitney

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