I dream of Mimco

I wish I hadn't bought that red Gucci bag :(
I could have bought at least two Mimco's and some of their jewellry.
This is probably one of my biggest purchase mistake ever.
I suppose I should look in the bright side and think about the Gucci being good if I ever work in an office.

The scariest purchase story I've ever heard, was from one of my mum's friends.
She bought a bag that she thought was $100 with her credit card, signed without looking at the final price or receipt, only to find out a month later the bill was $1000.
Turns out she bought a Celine bag.
I guess knowing brands and having common sense would have helped her there.
Can anyone beat that?

If I were to buy any of these beauties, which one will be most needed for my wardrobe?
I should really pry myself away from the black ones...

I'm looking for a wallet at the moment, I'm sick of using my mum's Louise Vuitton.
It's quite an expensive wallet, so I would feel so bad if I ever lost it.
I'm using it because it's so incredibly cool by the way :P
What do you guys think of the last one?

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