Last time..

Wearing; Camel coat MNG, Balmain inspired jacket VILA, Top Zara, Bag Zara, Nail polish Claire's, Leather gloves V&D, Pants from my mother, Wedges New Look.

Probably the last time this year I'll try to shoot what's underneath my warm winter coat..
And yes mum, also probably the last time I will steal your pants.
Like I said in previous post, while playing dress up I created two different looks out of one basic item namely the top.
This is the edgy version, using the top as an soft addition to the hardness of the pants and jacket.
The neutral colors to supplement the softness as well after all I like to keep a balance between soft and hard.
The other outfit will be a bit more feminine focused on some simple small but very useful adjustments and outerwear.
One tip I have, and incorporated myself is, try to concentrate on the color palette of the basic item.
Which colors will compliment/amplify the palette and which won't?
From small adjustments, nails, lips to accessorizing..
Can be anything, even the smallest things can be effective.

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