LeRoy, The French Bulldog ...in the morning


LeRoy will stay "asleep" in the room with me until I wake up. If the husband wakes up before me, which is usually the case, he will take LeRoy outside to do his morning business but as soon as they return, LeRoy will immediately come running back to cuddle with me. And for as long as I will stay there, he will too. He's a tough guy but he's such a little cuddle muffin as well. As soon as I decide to get up, he's UP ...and he's SO EXCITED you would think he hasn't seen me in DAYS, let alone cuddling with me moments before.

He sings "Morning's heeeeere, THE morning is here!" ...oh wait, no, that was on Friends

He comes bounding towards me and repeat nose-dives into me until I kneel down and scratch him all over. After that, he'll continue to try to get a good scratch off the carpet and furniture, sometimes pushing the ottoman all over the living room. This dog weighs 20lbs but man is he a tank. The video is the best I could get because he gets a little camera shy, but you get the gist. So, I give you, mornings with LeRoy, my little chicken-chicken little-little chicken.

Happy Friday Lovecats

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