Never say never..

Photographer: Ronja de Waard
Wearing; Slouchy blouse H&M, Faux fur vest New Yorker, Nail polish Claire's, Lipstick MAC Saint Mercain, Scallop shorts Queens Wardrobe, Bag Vintage, Layered tights HEMA (tip layer skin colored tights under two black ones), Boots Zara.

Another garment I didn't think I would wearing anytime soon, or ever..
But if there is one valuable lesson I've learned along the way it is never say never.
Life is not something you can fully control, a lot of things just happen.
It's as simple as that.
Being open minded, especially when it comes to fashion/personal style is something that will bring you to another level and allow you to be diverse.
The new addition to my wardrobe, the faux fur vest is the garment where I was talking about.
Somehow I wasn't attracted to fur at all, they reminded me of girl I don't want to be associated with.
Though, fur has something chic and classic.
Today I wore it open as a vest combined with a slouchy blouse, scallop shorts, layered tights and boots.
I received a few questions about my tights and how I still wear them while it's getting colder and I will share my secret.
I add multiple skin colored tights underneath two black ones, this way you create extra warmth and better looking tights if you ask me because of the sheerness.
Super dark black tights can be so overpowering sometimes.
I know you probably have had enough of the boots, as the matter effect I've had enough myself but these and this pair are my you-stupid-cow-you-are-late-for-school-choose-shoes.
Basically pair of shoes I throw on when I'm late and hope they work out with the look.
You never know what tomorrow will bring.

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