Raw edge..

Photographer: Ronja de Waard
Wearing; Cape Queenswardrobe, Blazer Queenswardrobe, Dessin shield necklace Malene Birger, Tank H&M, Leather pants borrowed from my mother, Satchel Vintage, Nail polish AA, Shoes ASOS.

In between my very feminine side, from time to time I love to dress up a bit more edgy.
Especially when I have a bad hair day, I become some sort of aggressive with the need of garments that visualize that.
A mix of these elements were reflected in yesterday's outfit.
It isn't a secret that I like to experiment with colors and as from today my favorite nail polish to wear with military green is the L'esprit by American Apparel.
Never knew these colors would look so marvelous together.
Even the smallest things can make a difference.

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