Sass and Bide wannabe

Anybody who lives in Australia should donate in any form to help the Victorian bushfire victims!!!

Donate blood or give money if you aren't living near the area to assist.

I think I'm going to donate blood this weekend or the weekend after.

Our closest donor clinic is 40 minutes away :(

edit: I just found out I am ineligible :'(

If you are 16 or 17 years of age and weigh less than 50kg you are not eligible to donate, because both ARCBS and international experience has shown that young donors who weigh less than 50kg are at increased risk of fainting during or following blood donation. Your eligibility can be reassessed if your weight increases or once you have turned 18.

Sorry the blog is slow and boring.

I've been really busy with assisting my mum with purchases for the baby.

And I just looove this top.

Its' inspired by Sass and Bide's overpriced sequin shirts and I and so very much in love with it.

I love that brand.

Headband - Target

Top - Sass

Pants - Sass and Bide

Shoes - Mollini

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