Second thoughts..

Sweater River Island, Faux fur vest New Yorker, Harem pants H&M, Skin colored tights HEMA, Nail polish Claire's, Shoes ASOS.

I was having second thoughts wether or not I should publish these photos.
I'm probably exaggerating but I think I look pretty big and the pictures do not really justify how the outfit looks in real life..
But anyway, here is what I was wearing yesterday a mix of neutrals and layers (also wore my cape) with a minimalistic way of accessorizing, only a striking color on the nails and my twig ring.
I'm probably not the only one but the last few months I've been cutting budgets and since I wanted to challenge myself to "reinvent" more and buy less than I use too.
Especially this month.. So far I've been doing pretty good and I'm actually proud of how many things I've been combining in various ways, more then I thought was possible.
Anything is possible, as long as you are willing to work for it.

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