* She Blinded Me With Science *


What I'm Wearing
* Very very old Calvin Klein denim pants
* Vintage sheer silk blouse with leaves
* Vintage gray blazer ... last seen here on voting day!
* Man's mauve tie ...I had to "tie" in the shoe color. I'm matchy like that, lol.
* Dark silver hoops w/black crystals, vintage necklace, various bangles, & chain rope necklace - courtesy of Trendenzas - wrapped around wrist and worn as a bracelet ... seen here around my neck
* Steve Madden mauve pumps ... last seen here
* DVF navy suede bag ... from a HauteLook sale
* Tom Ford cat eye sunglasses

* Title: lyrics from Thomas Dolby "She Blinded Me With Science"

Welllllllll ...did you watch the Oscars last night? Were you strictly watching in hopes that BANKSY would make an appearance? Or at least win for best documentary? Well, I was ...and was thoroughly surprised that Justin Timberlake was the ONLY one who mentioned him or the mystery behind him at all the entire night! A little bit of a let down for me really. The Inception intro with Anne & James was actually pretty funny and I loved the auto-tune Harry Potter & Social Network "videos". Also, I'm pretty sure Franco was high throughout the entire evening and having nothing to do with being "high" but more to do with having the mind of a 12 year old boy, I thought the same thing about the title "Winter's Bone".

Back to the most important thing about the Oscars besides Banksy ....who was your pick for best and worst dressed? See mine here, along with everything in between.

{this pose kind of makes me die laughing ...had to use it}

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