Something different..

It may not seem like it but I love food.
It has a lot to do with my origin, getting together, spending hours in the kitchen making lovely dishes and sharing all with the people you love..
I enjoy lifestyle blogs such as Cupcakes and Cashmere and since I decided to broad zhe blog two months ago I thought this would be a fun new section for zhe blog.
Now the question is, would this be something you guys are interested in?
I would like to start off with something quick, easy but oh so tasty.
Salada com atum grelhado.
What you'll need:
One slice of tuna
1/2 amount of sliced/chopped red onion
About 4 seedless tomatoes
Sundried tomatoes (amount desired)
One avocado
Mixed salad
Small amount of capers
(For the dressing)
Two spoons of olive oil
One spoon basilicum oil
Salt apply to taste
Peper apply to taste
A clove of garlic

Wash the salad and tomatoes.
Cut the onion, tomatoes, sundried tomatoes and avocado in slices and mix it all together with the salad.
Then make the dressing with the ingredients written above.
Put the tuna on the grill and let it grill for approximately 4-5 min on both sides, when the tuna is warm and soft pink from the inside it's perfect.
And voila, salada com atum grelhado, either serve it on a plate or in the bowl.
Bon appetit!

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