Start from scratch..

H&M Blazer.

Some shots of my new blazer I received two days ago.
I saw it hanging in the store one day and despite the fact that I loved it, I didn't bring it home with me.
Of course, that same night I dreamed about the blazer (you should know how many of my dreams are about fashion) and I decided to go back and get it the next day.
But of course, when I arrived they were already sold out.
Luckily I found it online last week and this time there was no doubt on my mind, I had to order it.
I'll probably be wearing this baby later today.
Since yesterday my google friend connect followers hit the 3109 and I really would like to thank you for that.
I can not believe I started from scratch one year ago and to have so many visitors nowadays is amazing.
I'm flattered but most of all grateful, thank you!
No matter how hard, sometimes starting from scratch is the best thing to do.
You never know where you will end up.

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