The Grandma I Never Knew ...via YouTube

I come from a very musical family, mostly of fantastic drummers but of fabulous singers as well. And if you've been reading my blog for some time, you'd know I too dabbled in a singing career of my own to follow in family tradition {not referring to my time spent working as a karaoke host at Dimples, but more my less noteworthy time spent in an all girl pop singing group called "Goddess" in the early 2000's}. My dad's mom, who would be known as my Grandma, was a singer, but she passed away in 1974, two years before I was born so I never knew her. I've seen a few photos and heard many stories but now, thanks to the internet, I've gotten a much clearer view of who my Grandma actually was.

A few things I do know:
* Her name was Elva Polk and she was a singer.
* She was in a singing group with her brothers and sisters called "The Town Cryers" {though this video dubs them as "The Four Polks"}
* She was a direct descendent of the eleventh President, Polk. {like great grand daughter or something}

My cousin found this video via YouTube and posted it on Facebook a few days ago, proving yet again that Facebook is indeed, a good thing. I watched the whole thing in awe really.

Since it's not in HD {I'm guessing this was in the 1940's} and the two sisters look very similar and since I've never met her, I'm not sure exactly which one is my Grandma ...though I'm leaning toward the one with the more hooded eyes {on the left}, much like mine and my father's and my uncles. But I could be totally off base. It kind of brings tears to my eyes. I wish I knew her.

* My uncle just confirmed that she is indeed the one I thought she was {left}

The Polk sisters - one being, my grandma

my grandma - a screen capture from the video {link below}

Internet, I love you ;)


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