The Proenza Schouler PS1 Wallet dark red

Proenza Schouler wallet

Design/Aesthetic = 10+ | Functionality = 2

While I think this wallet is absolutely gorgeous, the fact that it has only one lonely pocket - yes, one. lonely. pocket., makes it near useless to me.

Okay, to be fair, it has an open pocket/slot on the back as well ...and to be optimistic, it's great for cash and maybe a few cards if I were say, just running out on a quick errand. Maybe I could slide a skinny lip gloss in it with some cash and my ID and use it as a clutch bag for a night out? Cute! But honestly, I had hoped for it to be a replacement for the Burberry wallet that now lives in my bags, full of slots and pockets for all my cards & other wallet-ey needs.

Proenza Schouler wallet

Obviously since there were no alternate photos of the PS1 wallet on the Proenza Schouler site, I just assumed it had all the makings of a real wallet inside and not just of a well, leather pocket ...and, had I known, I probably wouldn't have purchased it.

That said, I do love it ...and I am going to keep it. I suppose I can find a separate wallet to keep plastics & such in and strictly use this for cash and other papers. *sigh* the sacrifices we make for beauty and fashion ;)

DSC_0448, proenza schouler ps1, wood lovers sculpture

* Want the Proenza Schouler PS1 Wallet? Get it Here.

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