* Turn Your Strappy Sandals into Furry Friends *

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Ironically, last February I posted about the Reed Krakoff Fall 2010 collection ...how their sleeveless coat was rather similar to mine & how I was going to DIY their fur sandals. Well, a year later, I finally got around to doing it. What was holding me back? Well, the right shoe really. I was sort of set on a black strappy sandal that went up the ankle as the original did but didn't realize I had a pair of perfectly suitable strappy sandals already in my closet. And since I've had the fur lying around for months now just awaiting the right shoe, all I needed were a pair of scissors to complete the job. Here's a quick step-by-step for you.

Fur Sandals DIY

* Strappy sandalsthat fit snugly ...flats will work too.
* Faux fur. I found mine at JoAnn's pre-cut in the ribbon section and purchased one yard. If you have to cut it yourself, it's exactly 4inches in width.
* Scissors

Fur Sandals DIY

* With fur pointing down, insert fur into sandal. Try on your shoe and adjust where you'd like your fur to line up at your toes and ankle.

Fur Sandals DIY

* Cut fur accordingly at ankle.

Fur Sandals DIY

* Mine ended up being about 7-1/2" long {and I wear a size 9 shoe}. You may also choose to cut your fur first, then try them on and trim excess if necessary. Adjust any fur that may be stuck under the straps so it lays nicely. You'll have a bit of shedding at first but that's about it.

*Note, if you have a pair of boots with buckles, you can achieve a Louboutin look as well.

Fur Sandals DIY

Fur Sandals DIY

gray and ivory - fur and leather + door

I wore mine all day long with no slipping or sliding or adjusting necessary.

Have Fun!

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