Two looks..

Photos by me.

And a few pictures..
While waiting on the official photos of the my-wardrobe photo shoot, I have prepared a post with a few sneak peaks of the looks I styled.
Both looks I created were based on the one thing I like the most.. Namely color.
Especially for upcoming season I like anything bold and striking.
None of you had guessed which items I used for the shoot so I might as well give it away, the Mulberry watermelon Alexa and Acne pink dance dress were mine (muahahaha, mine, mine mine muahaha).
Well at least for two hours..
After that I had to give it back to the owner along with my broken heart (yes I like to exaggerate sometimes)..
Promise there is more coming soon, time has flying by so fast that I have difficulties catching up.
Time is something you can never get back, take advantage of every single minute.

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