Wearing; Camel coat MNG, Wool cardigan H&M, Top Zara, Scallop shorts Queenswardrobe, Layered tights HEMA, Shoes ASOS.

Right now I'm sitting in a cafe with Ronja and Lisette, hiding from the cold since there is snow everywhere which fell down yesterday night.
It's getting colder by the minute so bye bye blazers and thin tights hello thick cardigans and boots!
I was wearing this yesterday morning/afternoon and was feeling fine, until the clock hit 8 snow started falling and I was freezing my ass off on a way to an meeting.
Looks like my least favorite season has already started and I couldn't be more disappointed.
Compared with previous outfit you can see, you can either work with or against the color palette of your basic item.
This time I worked with the color palette, toning down the top with camel colors.
When you use lots of neutrals, try to create a balance between darker and lighter colors and add a touch of color on the nails or lips.
But that can also be a bag/shoes or other accessories.
To make the basic item look like something "new" make sure you only reinvent that one piece and build around that.
Another tip, especially with this cold coming up is wear thick cardigans underneath your jacket, just like I did.
Layer tights and when it's really cold wear some thermal leggings.
As you can see, this outfit is different in color, shape and style which in my opinion blows "a different perspective" in the top.
Creativity comes from within.

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