Vibrant red..

Photos by Iman Withfield.
Wearing; Red long coat from my mother vintage, Oversized blouse H&M, High waisted printed pants H&M, Nail polish Lost in mud by Catrice, Ring Obey, Shoes Supertrash.

Before I knew it, monday had hit the calendar again.
After a attempt to charge up my battery, which was pretty hard with all the assignments and emails that were waiting for me, I left my house with a huge suitcase, three bags and a big square map.
Unfortunately not to go somewhere abroad, but I will very soon (ssh, it's still a secret) but to the academy.
I might have signed up to be a art student but sure as hell did not signed up to be a backpacker.
Even though I knew tight pants and high heels weren't the best choice for the occasion but as stubborn as I am, I wore it anyway.
I'm so ready for spring and more vibrant colors (especially color blocking) and some of you might have noticed that I even dyed my hair a little bit.
Well.. Wether spring is ready or not.. Here I come.

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