Zneak peak..

Obviously what I'm wearing underneath my camel coat, chunky scarf and leather gloves since it's getting colder by the day.
But showing you my "winter uniforms" of camel coats, cape or aviator jacket every single time isn't very interesting is it?
While I was playing dress up yesterday I created two different looks with one basic item namely the top.
If there is something that I want to transfer true my blog it's creating multiple outfits with the same items.
Renewal doesn't always have to arise of new clothes but can easily take shape from different combinations.
It seems like there is some sort of taboo on wearing items more then ones, even on blogs..
Which in my opinion decreases of our creativity and the fact that we are normal girls with a passion but without a wardrobe as big as Anna Wintour.
With my hand on the wallet for upcoming month..
I hope to inspire you as much as I can with some tips and tricks!

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