10 Ways to Wear a Light Colored Blazer

* August 6, 2009 *

I'm a real woman living in the real world. I don't have an overflowing allowance or budget for clothes and shoes and all things fabulous. And though sometimes I wish I did, I also have learned a lot in my years from having less than having more.

For instance, had I had the budget for designer clothes when I was young I may never have discovered vintage. If I could've just gone out and bought what all my friends were buying with their parent's credit cards, I would have never started DIYing my own versions of things. I became very creative out of necessity {and because I had a passion for it} and pride myself on being able to wear the same items time and time again yet styling them in a way that looks completely different.

I found this ivory blazer at a thrift shop a few years ago for under $10 ...it is part of a matching skirt/suit set and though I have yet to wear the skirt, I find the jacket to be quite versatile.

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beige and navy and brown+louis vuitton speedy
* October 1, 2010 *

prada chandelier+peach blouse+beige blazer+j brand jeans+vuitton speedy -6
* May 17, 2010 *

blazer+leggings+tshirt+louis vuitton bag lovestory-2
* May 7, 2010 * October 8, 2009 *

* July 7, 2009 *

* January 13, 2010 *

shorts and blazer+gold accessories+Tom Ford Anouk sunglasses+nude cut out heels-og
* July 26, 2010 *

striped tank blazer and jeans+j brand jeans+loafers+louis vuitton speedy 30
* November 5, 2010 *

Cream Blazer & Gray Jeans
* February 21, 2011 *

I like mine a bit over-sized ...and while mine's double breasted, a single button or two would do the trick just as well. Also look for one in an ivory tone as a bright white tends to look a bit "doctor-y" though this one is pretty cute

Here are a few similar ones I've found . . .

* Topshop 70's Inspired ivory blazer on sale for $70 not exactly the same look but still a great blazer
* American Apparel ivory Blazer $85
* Theory ivory blazer $595
* Balmain ivory wool tuxedo jacket $2980 wish list! great shape though ..if you're shopping vintage, look for this shape.
* Phillip Lim double breasted ivory jacket $650
* YesStyle double breasted blazer $88
* a bit of a shorter version but Forever 21 has a cute one here $24.80
* And this one on Ebay is pretty darn cute!
* Topshop ivory satin shawl collar tux jacket $135

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