107: daily outfit- from scraps

i've been sewing like crazy...
there was a 30% off sale at my favorite fabric store and i've bought about $200 dollars worth. mostly gray, black, beige, but also surprisingly sherbet orange and bright lemon. i picked up some very soft, lightweight charcoal wool & made myself a pair of drop crotch pants (pictures later). the remains of my pants project was a perfectly rectangle piece of fabric that i thought i would wear as a scarf but i decided to play around with draping on my new dress form and this is the result a very loose, mock blazer shawl top. when flat, it looks like a rectangle but on the body it hangs very nicely. i love the draping on the sides and in the end it's super comfy. I'm wearing it with a H&M organic cotton boat neck tee, an altered knit skirt and my new flat suede boots from Dinsko. I'm also wearing some black jersey necklaces that i made.

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