124: stop making sense

finally! some photos of my 5preview tee shirt!. they only had one left, it was a medium- i had to fix this in the shoulders, sleeves and sides, but i have a genius method of fixing tee shirts :) i wore this with a million layers, a wool 'The Stray Boys' jacket, a knit panel jacket of my own design, a faux fur scarf, my favorite pair of jeans and very OLD boots that I updated for this Fall/Winter.

speaking of boots & heels- when it starts to snow here in Stockholm, the city puts down a bunch of small rocks on the sidewalks, making it easier to walk on them without slipping to a painful fall BUT after the snow has dried they make for a very ugly view as well as the most intolerable crunching sound- even some tripping. does this bother anyone else as much as it bothers me?

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