125: if I were a boy, i would want...

everyone's off making wishlists but I've been in a boys state of mind lately (haircut anyone?) so here's my boys wishlist, some things i got for johan already, we have very similar style & i almost like shopping for him a lot more then i do for myself, something about not pondering over a purchase for hours and the Fall/Winter 08, Spring 09 collections, especially here in Sweden, menswear has taken a very interesting turn. so here it is.


Undercover Jacket

Asuza Graphic Sweater

Kilian Kerner tonal outfit

shirts by Velour

Comme Des Garcons PLAY shirt

creme de la creme shirt from Tee Shirt Store

Mr. Hares Black dress shoes

Camper lace up shoes


colorful socks by blammo

bow ties by Dako

Peter Jensen school boy bag

Lexon digital watch from Designtorget

Minox Digital Camera

December issue of Monocle

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