An Entirely Different Nautical ~ The "I Just Stepped off My Yacht, Messy Look" ...except that I didn't

A messy Nautical look, flared jeans, blue and white striped tank under a white sweater with messy tangled hair and aviator sunglasses, DSC_0216

What I'm Wearing
* Joe's Jeans "The Stardust - Super Flare" ....ummmm, LOVE these ...thin denim, with a bit of stretch but not so much that they lose their shape and very comfy! In fact, they feel like I've been wearing them for years. I think I got them at a HauteLook or a GILT sale and can't really find the exact pair online anywhere.
* C&C California striped tank ...I know AGAIN! seen here
* Old white shorty cropped J Crew sweater ...seen here ...which mostly just makes me look wide, eh what can you do.
* Cynthia Rowley burgundy tassel bag ...* hearts & hoops silver danglies ...* Silver clover necklace I found in Vegas in 2008 and actually I think this is the first time I've ever worn it.
* Ray Ban "Road Spirit" Aviator sunglasses
* Boutique 9 cut-out heels can see them here

Yes, the striped-tank-nautical-look again ...but this was a few weeks ago, St. Patrick's Day actually ...thus the clover necklace. I realized after I was dressed that I forgot to wear green when my house keeper arrived and pinched me. So I grabbed my little lucky clover necklace rather than putting together an entirely new outfit. But again, that was weeks ago ...and this is a more relaxed, "I just got off a boat and my hair's a mess" look than the more preppy, pulled together look I sported in last week's post. I guess I've just got Summer on the brain

joe's jeans, flared jeans, joe's stardust jeans, super flare, striped top, cropped sweater, aviator sunglasses, cynthia rowley bag, DSC_0221

ray bans, ray ban sunglasses, aviator sunglasses, white stweater and jeans, joe's jeans, cynthia rowley bag, burgundy bag, bag with tassels, DSC_0107

at the top of the stairs, messy tangled hair, super flared jeans, bell bottoms, light wash flares, joe's jeans, messy nautical, aviator sunglasses, DSC_0138

messy hair, long hair, tangled hair, aviator sunglasses, heart earrings, clover necklace, DSC_0224

joe's jeans, butt in jeans, flared leg jeans, cynthia rowley bag, messy hair, black and white photo, DSC_0042

messy hair, long hair, tangled hair, sunglasses, face, smiling, blue eyes, nautical, DSC_0244

Have a great week!


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