and it Rained for 40 days & 40 nights!

Well, more like 7 days and 7 nights but still that's maybe a record for Los Angeles ...and not one person living here knows what to do about it ...especially whilst behind a moving vehicle.

rainy day outfit+rain boots+rain coat+all black with pop of print+hunter wellies

blurry photo+hunter boots+wellies+hunters+rain

What I'm Wearing
* Simple black turtleneck sweater from Express ...years ago
* GO International print mini ...I would have loved to have worn this at my waist, OVER my turtleneck but it's a bit big and falls down to my hips. I used my sweater to keep it pulled up a bit and the jacket concealed any size issues, kind of. I'd love to alter it and wear it at my waist though. It was sent to me with a bunch of other goodies from Julie of The Accessory Files
* Black stirrup tights from American Apparel
* Hunter Boa Welly Boots ...which I love but A. They are not easy to drive in and B. They sure make aLOT of noise whilst walking indoors ...and not just squeaking on the floor, they sort of "clap" my calf as I walk. Hilarity.
* Vintage military uni coat and vintage Gucci bag

Pity Party Alert
Sometimes I just feel like I work so hard for nothing. I'm so over it. I'm not sure I see the point anymore.

PS. Having a catchy name doesn't make up for lack of skill and/or talent.

{if you follow me on twitter, you know WhoWhat I'm talking about}

update ...12/23

Thank you to all of you who supported me through this little hiccup. I so appreciate the love and tweets and comments, you have no idea.

I'm not exactly proud of the way I acted this day nor am I claiming that I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS EVER MADE A FEATHER SKIRT {though I did make this dress worn here in 2001 but didn't do a DIY for the rest of the world to see until October 2009 - of which was 100% my own creation}. The fact is, this was just the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak, and I exploded. Do you know how many times I find my DIY projects on other blogs without so much as a mention, let alone a link back to my project? I obviously would have preferred to not react at all but the fact is that I am human, and a bit of a hot head, and on this particular morning those two collided.

Here's the thing ...I woke up, checked my email and saw it ...and then got emotional about it. I got angry. I got so angry I was shaking. As bloggers, what rights do we have? I didn't become creative when I started blogging, nor did I start DIYing just to have blog posts's something I've always done. I went to fashion school. I've worked in retail. I worked with a leather accessory designer for 7 years. I've worked with stylists & celebrities. I've spent enough time in a tiny LA sector of the fashion world to know that it wasn't for me when I left it all behind. But none of that matters. Why? Because no one knows who I was or what I did before they started reading this blog. And to even use the words "know me" is tricky because do you? Have we met?

With blogging, as with designing, there's no assurance that someone else isn't going to rip off your designs and not credit you. I mean look at all the fake handbags that are sold and cheap knock-off shoes of high-end designers. They can't patent their designs against theft. AND as a DIYer, my DIYS aren't always my own thought up creation. I straight DIY & recreate designer looks ...however, I ALWAYS credit the source AND link to the original product.

In a world where the right thing to do is rarely done, it sometimes just feels like a slap in the face ...and again, this was the straw but still, a glued skirt? That's not fashion. It's not even close. And even if I don't have the skills of a couturier {though I am trying to show a version for anyone to DIY asshole anon commenter} there's no way in hell I want my clothes falling apart while I'm wearing them. I mean, glue a napkin holder together, don't glue your skirt together. While it is a DIY, the point is that it look so fucking fabulous that people walk up to you and ask you where you got it and you can confidently respond, I made it.

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