Another movie day

I’m a sucker for comic/games/manga turned movie movies so this is what I wore when I watched ‘Watchmen’ a week ago.
Minus the heels because I was supposed to be watching it with a bunch of my guy friends and you just can’t wear heels around these boys.
They’d walk too fast.
But anyway, I ended up ditching them so I could watch it with my best friend Larissa because the boys’ one started much later and Larissa’s bus left as soon as the movie ended.

Surprisingly, the movie had a deep storyline and not much action.
This is going to sound like a crappy review but in general, apart from the lack of hot guys it wasn’t so bad.
We noticed the Xena girl was also wearing Louboutins throughout the movie.
Damn her!

I finally found the Lipsy wanna-be Herve’ Ledger dress I wanted!
Turns out Forever New had it out the back all this time!
The length of it goes down almost to my knees so I pulled it up a bit.
It got worse though because it would ride up and gather around my stomach (as you can see from the massive chunks gathering there)
I kind of did want the one with straps though.
It looks a lot less tardy but they didn’t have it :(

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