Anything is possible..

Wearing: Silver jumper H&M, Mac morange lipstick, Vintage necklace, H&M Skirt, Vintage satchel, Primark tights, River Island shoes.

One of my slogans when it comes to dreams and life.
I believe that anything is possible as long as it's realistic..
So why not use a satchel bag as clutch.. Or as I like to call my fattie clutchie.
Of course I couldn't cary it all day under my arm with the things I have to bring to the academy but it's the idea that counts.
I often like to adjust and use things for entirely different purposes.
Lately with the sun out and shining, I find myself blocking colors even in the most subtle way.
Never knew that orange and purple will look together.. But that is why I always say..
If you won't try.. You never know how what it would have been..

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