At The Movies ...Take Me Home Tonight


I love movies. I do not love movie theaters. I used to though ...I used to love going to the movies.

As a SAG member, I was lucky to get a few years of free pre-screenings at The DGA theater. And though it was most likely a culmination of events that finally tarnished my movie theater experience, the years of DGA/SAG screenings may have been where my love for going to the movies ended.

Why, you ask? Well, there was always such a "to-do" about going to the pre-screenings at the DGA ...a meet-up in the lobby, then to the BRIGHTLY LIT screening room where every seat was full and every person in every seat was in the industry in some way, some how. These movie dates were fun first. The person I was with at the time loved this type of social interaction. But this very trait just so happened to be very rude when said companion and movie date was left in her seat while her date flitted off upon seating to frolic around and "chat" with every familiar face he spotted in the crowd. It was annoying, to say the least and it got old. Fast.

I'm a bit shyer than you may imagine ...I'm more of a "wave and smile at you from my seat" kinda girl {unless we're bffs} so that sort of social interaction every time we just wanted to go see a movie got intense. Along with the severe anxiety and panic I experienced in my mid-20's, movie theaters gave me a bit of the same feeling being on an airplane did: TRAPPED.

I've come a long way since my irrational-fear-near-agoraphobic days of panic and anxiety but sometimes just the thought of the movie theater will send that PANIC message through my brain & body forcing me to want to flee before we even leave the house. The only way I will ever go on an opening night showing is with the help of a Xanax so I don't feel trapped in the middle of a sea of movie-watchers. {oh and taking pills for my anxiety also causes me anxiety ...yeah}

The husband is a kind and compromising man and knows that if he wants to get me to the movies, he's gonna have to get tickets either at a small theater in the middle of nowhere {which is near-impossible in LA} OR go to an early evening showing a week or two after opening night. And for his birthday, that's exactly what we did. yes, he compromised on his own birthday ...for me

We went to see Take Me Home Tonight {which, if you've been following me for even a short period of time must know that I'm kind of in love with all things 80's} at 5:30 on a Tuesday evening. Perfection. And when we got there 10 minutes early the theater was empty. And when the lights dimmed and the guy came in to tell us to shut off our phones, etc, he shrugged it off and just said "Enjoy your private viewing". This made me happier than you might imagine. {wow, Maeg, just put yourself out there why don't you, tell the whole world just how insane you really are}. AN ENTIRE THEATER TO OURSELVES!??!?! A serious dream come true. So I took a few minutes to walk around and take some photos. Because uh, my dreams had just come true ...on my husband's birthday.

drinks and popcorn at the movies, movie theater, anxiety, panic, movie theater anxiety, DSC_0130

at the movies, chair 13 at the movies, the husband at the movies, movie theater anxiety, DSC_0165

shadow on movie screen, close up shadow, photography, taking a photo of the movie screen, shadow of a camera, shadow of a person taking a photo, DSC_0160

at the movies, seats at the movies, movie theater, anxiety, panic, seats, seating, going to the movies, DSC_0145

It should be noted that as the second trailer splashed on the screen, a few couples did walk in but did not shatter my dreams. It was a private party now. It also should be noted that I have a tendency to yell things at the movie screen like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! and WHAAAAAAAAT!??!. Yeah, maybe I should stay away from theaters for the sake of others' enjoyment as well ;)

Oh and also should totally see this movie ;) it's really fun!


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