Brain freeze..

Everything H&M, except the shoes van Haren (old) and accessories from Triwa, Obey, Gina Tricot and by boe.

While the snow is melting, I'm trying to recover from my frozen brain injury.
You know when your head is full and you can not find out what it is that makes you restless?
Maybe it's the cold that not only freezes my ass off when I take off my coat to take pictures for zhe blog, but also freezes my brain with options of what to wear.
Luckily this cardigan is a wonderful addition to my winter wardrobe and I can't wait to reinvent it again.
As you saw in previous post I mixed lighter grey with grey and lilac.
I wish I could have worn my highest heels or wedges with it since long cardigans make you look less tall but due the *(!&^% snow I was forced to wear ones that weren't that high.
Though, I haven't worn these since last year so that is a good thing.
To every disadvantage, there is a advantage.

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