Gifted by my aunt H&M Cardigan, H&M Blouse, H&M Pants, Nail polish AA.
The second last picture is kind of strange due the effect on the eye, don't know how it happened but I actually kind of like it.

Nowadays as a blogger, I'm forced to improvise a lot since shooting on location is hard due the snow storms and such.
I know you are probably tired of seeing detail shots but I'll really try to get this one from head to toe as well so consider this post as another sneak peek.
If you have any tips or suggestions on how to make proper outfit shots under these conditions, for instance cool inside locations, please let me know.
Especially if you live in Rotterdam.
The lucky girl that I am, received this gorgeous knitted cardigan from my aunt.
The color comes off stronger on the pictures but it is a burgundy color.
My search for chunky knits and cardigans is still going and I have seen some pretty ones but now this one is my absolute favorite.
The color is different, the texture is rich and surprisingly easier to combine then I thought.
My absolute favorite colors to combine with are grey, light grey and lilac.
Life in color

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