Wearing; Silver jumper H&M, Oversized blouse H&M, Clutch AA, Nail polish Barry M, Pants IKKS.

This post can be damaging to the eyes.
With this being said Fashionnerdic will not pay for the consequences.
Even though this is nothing compared to what you can expect from me next season some these colors can be quite striking..
As if right now I'm extending my wardrobe not by buying clothes but making some.
Those who have been following my blog for a while, have seen some of my designs already and I will definitely share the garments as soon as there are ready..
This is actually what I wore the day that I went to the Monki celebration playing with different textures layers and colors.
I was determined to wear my yellow clutch since I'm kind of in love with it (I mean if you kiss your clutch you are pretty deep in .. Uhm. No comment).
Nobody is perfect.. But that doesn't mean you should try to be the best person you can.

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