Christmas at our Place : Tabletop & Decor

Even though we hung our Christmas lights up the week before Thanksgiving AND got our tree the day after, it's taken me quite a while to put the finishing touches on the inside of our house. Call it procrastination or laziness or too busy with everything else BUT I finally finished ...and I just love it.

So here's a little peek inside our home if you're interested ...and for the sake of not overloading one post with a hundred photos, I've created nice little slide shows for you.

And now for my dining room tabletop centerpiece - because I just couldn't stop taking photos, it needed it's very own slide show.

I'm sort of the queen of reusing things from around the house to decorate with. In fact, when I have a color scheme in mind, I literally walk around the house grabbing anything in the hue, including jewelry ;)

the goods

You may notice my centerpiece includes little velvet Tiffany blue boxes with tassels that once hung above our bed in our condo, became storage for my jewelry and now reside in our laundry room, the succulents from the game room, the three cake stands I used for Thanksgiving desserts as well as the vintage silver and crystal candle sticks I used for my haunted Halloween tabletop and Thanksgiving. The purple feather tree with random peacock feathers {I think found at Target years ago but you could easily DIY it!} used to sit in the living room of our condo and the octagonal mirror set below our lamp in our old master bedroom as well. The pearls around the succulents were purchased at holiday time and are supposed to go on the tree ...but I've actually worm them as jewelry. And speaking of jewelry, I grabbed a few of my vintage rhinestone necklaces and wrapped them around the pine cones for some added sparkle! Not to mention saying "Pine cones with rhinestones" is really fun. I actually wanted to paint all my pine cones with with a touch of metallic silver on the ends but there just wasn't enough time. The seafoam crepe/satin runner with fringe is actually a scarf my mom made to match a dress in the late 60's {yes, we still have the dress too!}. I picked up the pretty woodland plate/tray by Rosanna from a GILT home sale a couple months ago and the table cloth from Crate & Barrel last year {mine is silver but there's a gold one here which is just as pretty!}

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