Different direction..

Wearing; Eclectic blue jacket H&M, Faux fur New Yorker, Necklace H&M, Tank H&M, Leather pants my mothers (sorry mom), Wedges New Look.

Or better said the total opposite.
Sometimes I tend to forget that if you push yourself to find any source of inspiration you will only end up confused and unsatisfied.
As I said in my earlier post, I was unsure of what I was going to wear that night to the Avro's fashion event.
While evacuating half of my wardrobe from my "uninspired I will try everything mood" I needed to go to the city to get some stuff for an school assignment.
I picked up a friend and he and I were talking about my "crisis" and when we arrived at my place I grabbed four pieces "I was thinking this with that" and voila without forcing myself to succeed I was ready to go.
Inspiration is simply something you can't force, it just comes and goes.

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