Wearing; Silver jumper H&M, Oversized blouse H&M, Cargo pants Zara, Shoes H&M.

Everyone has a dream.
Wether it's one dream or two or even more somehow we always stay captivated (well at least I am) to them.
And the simplest thing like an image can remind you of that.
I fell in love with the last photo because it seems like I'm wearing heel-less shoes like the ones Nina Ricci introduced two years ago.
And it's not the thought of having a pair of Nina Ricci's it goes beyond materialism.
Heel-less shoes fascinate me and it's simply something I have been dying to do.
To keep standing on your own two feet while the risk of falling is quite high due the balance you will have to find yourself.
And that is a philosophy I live by.. I want to achieve and do many things..
I will just have to find the balance.

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