Filling Clear Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments...the options are endless

christmas ornaments hanging on coral+glass filled christmas ornaments-lighter

A few years ago {well, more like 10 actually} I found these clear ornaments at a craft store and filled them with fake snow and tied them onto the tops of all the gifts I gave that year. Since then, I've just filled my own with whatever color scheme I had planned for my tree ...last year was pink, which is why many of the ones I have now are filled with dried pink leaves. I'm loving the shells this year ...especially because these balls are hanging in our beach & brick bathroom, but I always love the fake snow. It's such an easy way to repurpose and reuse the same ornaments each year yet have something completely new and unique.

diy christmas ornaments+glass balls filled with fake snow -

diy christmas ornaments+glass balls filled with rose petals and colored leaves

shells clear glass christmas ornament+beach ornaments+lighter

I'm sure you can find clear glass ornaments {or plastic even} at your local craft store ...or you can get some here. Just think about the endless options of fun items {from glitter to coffee beans} you can fill them with ...and even tie bows or ribbons or string on top. I love them.

Have Fun!

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