Good girl gone bad..

Wearing; Balmain inspired jacket VILA (I felt bad-ass so I rolled up the sleeves), Oversized tank top H&M Trend, Jeans Vero Moda (shredded by me), Lace up heels Blanco.

Work work work.. I can tell you that work has been the only thing I have be doing this week.
Why does mother nature decides to raise the temperatures when I have to work at the office all day!?
Therefore I had to go for a quick and easy look today.
But that doesn’t mean you have to look boring. Here are some tricks for the quick and easy but stylish look.
- Invest in basics like tee’s, tank tops, bustier, vest, blazers, jackets and jeans.
- Try to buy basics that have details. Think shoulder pads, sequins, buttons etc.
- Wear soft colors. These are easy colors to combine and perfect for spring.
-Wear heels. Heels strengthens your entire appearance. Try heels with details or surprising heights.

I have a lot to do right now, I have been trying to transfer my blog to .com but there have been some problems.
I leave you with this, no matter what you wear, wear everything with confidence.
That’s the best look to pull off.

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