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I shot this little hair video on Christmas Eve as I was getting ready to go out. Needless to say, I was in a bit of a rush NOTE TO SELF: don't do a hair video before you have to go somewhere. Come on Maegan, use your head! - - but it seems so logical, killing two birds and all ...though I do relax a bit half-way through . . . and then my camera died.

I do style my hair like this often and get lots of questions about it so I thought why not just give you a little demo of how I do it. It's not rocket science, obviously, but it's different from my Perfect Wave video and takes a bit longer ...sometimes I mix the two techniques in one look.

Also note: I was unaware the camera was decapitating me until I watched the playback. Awesome. Total pro over here ;) But you get the idea.

My hair in the photos above and below was done using this same technique but the styling was just a bit different. The one below is a more messy, tousled look, wherein I literally just mess it up with my hands then hair spray it for hold. The top look is of more refined curls. I left them in all -or most of- their spiral glory, using my fingers at the roots to lift it a bit. If you brush your curls out, you'll get a more Hollywood Glamour look.

This is the curling iron I use for these particular curls ...also note that my hair was just air dried and free of products prior to curling. I get the best curls after a blow dry ...but honestly hate to use 2 heat styling tools at once, unless it's ya know, my wedding, or the Oscars, a worthy event. ;)

what I wore on Christmas eve+black and white and gray

I've had a few requests lately for new hair videos, 3 different styles actually hopefully, I can get to them soon.

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