I am such a loser.

I've had an epiphany.
I realised;
I have way too many clothes I don't wear.
My hobbies now consist of shopping because I'm 'bored'.
I don't get the marks i want because I procrastinate.

From now on, I'm gonna try my best in school, get all my jobs done, read more manga and fanfiction and only buy what I am going to wear.
Not what I think looks pretty on my rack.
I cleaned out more than half my wardrobe with crap I have never worn.
Ever get the horrid feeling you've spent your paper on something that stays in the bottom of your drawer?
I also realised, 80% of my stuff is stuff that only looks good on lighter skinned, tall people.
(You know when things just suit a certain height and colour.)
Ugh, i feel so shitty right now.

Here's a random outfit before giving it away.
(minus the heels and bag ;D)

Just Jeans plaid skirt, Mollini brown heels, Louis Vuitton bowler bag.

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